You’ve planned the route, you have your hiking buddy, and you’re ready to head off into the wild. Or are you? If you’re planning a weekend away in the mountains, you need to make sure you’re fully prepared. The gear you bring could make this weekend trip more comfortable, more enjoyable, or may even save your life. So how can you choose the best travel gear for weekend trips to the mountains?

Choosing the Essentials

When planning a weekend in the fresh air, these are your most important items. So how do you choose the best?

  • Tent: You’re looking for something ultralight, but that will keep you dry and warm even during bad weather spurts. Finding a balance between inside space, durable material, and weight is key. CleverHiker produces a list of the 10 best tents for each year, with more details on how to choose.
  • Pack: According to REI’s experts, a weekend pack should be able to hold 30 to 50 liters. This means you’ll have to pack light, but I’m sure that your back will thank you afterwards! Also, make sure that your pack has a good internal frame, which will help with support. Ventilation is another important feature, thus avoiding the sweaty-back syndrome that plagues hikers around the world.
  • Sleeping Bag: If you’re planning on hiking during the spring, summer, or fall, a 20o F bag should be fine in most parts of the world. If you have this type of bag but want to do a weekend hike during the winter, you can warm it up by adding a sleeping pad underneath, thus putting an extra layer between you and the ground. However, if you hike regularly during the winter, it might be advisable to invest in a zero degree sleeping bag that is prepared for snow and ice.
  • Cooking Supplies: Gear for weekend trips to the mountains cannot exclude cooking gear. A small trail stove and fuel in a well-sealed container are essential, along with the food that you plan to cook. Becoming a backpacking chef could definitely be in your future!

Having in your possession the best travel gear for weekend trips in the mountains gives you the chance to truly enjoy your hike. Get a real feel for nature in the mountains this weekend, knowing that you come fully prepared.