4 Ways to Fundraise Successfully Using a Blog

Raising money for charity is a noble cause that has many different methods.  One of these methods is using a blog to reach potential donors.  How can you make sure your humanitarian efforts are successful?  Here are four tips to help your fundraising blog succeed:

  • Communicate Your Message and Goals Clearly

If people are going to donate to your cause, they need to know exactly what your fundraiser is about.  Speak in clear, definite terms.  Make sure that your readers understand the specifics of how their money is being used, and the time frame for using it.

  • Make Your Donation Button Clearly Visible

This may seem obvious, but it’s a very important point!  You don’t want people to be wandering around your site, unsure of how to donate.  Make the button clear and visible, and link to it from every page and every post.  You could even include it as part of your website’s sidebar.

  • Invite Conversation

Invite your readers’ comments and opinions by raising topics that are conducive to conversation.  This can be done both within the comments section of your blog and on social media.

  • Use Basic SEO Practices

This is vital for any type of blog.  Research relevant keywords, include media in your posts, and make sure your content is completely free of plagiarism.

Although these are not foolproof steps, they will definitely put you on the right path towards having a successful fundraising blog.


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