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I could talk to you all day about what a great writer I am.

However, I’d rather not bore you to death.

Honestly, I’d much rather show you what I’m worth than just have you take my word for it. So, feel free to check out these links to my published work across the web.

My Published Work


3 Easy Ways to Save Money While Traveling in Europe– International Living

10 Things the Rest of the World Can Learn from Spain– Matador Network

Working 10 Hours a Week Funds My Life in Small-Town Spain– International Living

24 Hour Walking Tour of Granada, Spain– BurstOut Magazine

11 Amazing Places in Spain that No One Told You About– Tripoto

What to Expect on a Magical Caribbean Cruise: A Complete Guide– Tripoto

How to Travel Through Spain on Just 50 Euros a Day– Tripoto

7 Sights to Enjoy in Paris for Free!– Tripoto

Digital Marketing

12 Top Backlinking Strategies and How to Choose the Right Ones– Monitor Backlinks

How to Ask for Backlinks Without Begging (Plus Outreach Email Templates)– Monitor Backlinks

Blog Commenting SEO: To Comment or Not to Comment?– Monitor Backlinks

How Many Backlinks Per Day is Safe? Fast Answers for SEO Speed Demons– Monitor Backlinks

How Sitewide Links Affect SEO in a Post-Penguin World– Monitor Backlinks

6 Ways to Make Sure Your Backlinks Anchor Texts Hits it Off With Your SEO– Monitor Backlinks

Go With the Flow: Citation Flow Vs. Trust Flow and How to Improve Them Both– Monitor Backlinks

7 Ways to Earn Travel Backlinks that Fit Your Niche and Boost Your Reach– Monitor Backlinks

7 SEO Essentials That All Designers Need to Know– The Layout by Flywheel

How to Use YouTube Videos to Drive Traffic to Your Website– The Layout by Flywheel

11 Steps to Choosing Your Most Profitable Niche– Income School

Selecting Worthy Keywords: How to Choose the Best Keywords for SEO and PPC– Income School

Wix or WordPress? Best Platforms for eCommerce– Income School

15 Reasons Nobody Visits Your Blog– Income School

The Ultimate Guide to Monetizing Your Site With Ads– Income School

How to Boost Your Income with Your Business Website– Income School

What is a Niche Site, and How Much Can a Niche Site Earn?– Income School

How SEO and SEM Work Together for Better Results– Income School

Using SEO Techniques for Your Instagram Marketing Strategy– Income School


How to Sing Louder Without Hurting Your Voice– Voices Inc

How to Find the Best Ukulele for Advanced Players– Voices Inc

Finding the Best Ukulele for Guitar Players– Voices Inc

What’s Your Voice Type? Your Guide to Defining Your Voice– Voices Inc

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Ukulele: Types, Sizes, Brands, and How to Find the Perfect Option for You– Voices Inc

Learning Guitar for Girls– Voices Inc

5 Signs You’re Damaging Your Voice– Voices Inc

How to Find Your Ultimate Vocal Range and Nail Those Notes– Voices Inc

Ukulele vs Guitar: Which One Should You Play?– Voices Inc

Are Singing Lessons Worth It?– Voices Inc


How to Use Social Media to Find Clients in the Hospitality Industry– Wealthy Web Writer

7 Ways Freelancers Can Optimize Their LinkedIn Profiles– Income School

6 Things You Need to Do to Get Started as a Freelance Writer– Income School

Affiliate Marketing

The Ultimate Breakdown of Average Affiliate Commission Rates– CoSpot Affiliate Blog

12 Affiliate Programs with Recurring Commissions That Keep On Giving– CoSpot Affiliate Blog

9 Niche Affiliate Programs That Are Alternatives to Amazon Associates– CoSpot Affiliate Blog

The 20 Most Lucrative Affiliate Niches That Are Evergreen and Sustainable– CoSpot Affiliate Blog

The 8 Most Underused Affiliate Marketing Techniques– CoSpot Affiliate Blog

The Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing– Income School

Changes to Amazon’s Affiliate Program: What This Means for Affiliate Marketers– Income School

Your Personalized Roadmap to Finding the Perfect Affiliate Products– CoSpot Affiliate Blog


Also, don’t forget to check out Piggy Bank Travels, where I write a budget travel blog along with my husband.


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